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#8 To Cheat or Not To Cheat

           There is a story about about one guy, an attitude and a habitual word. He is quite an intellect and pleasant person. However, he is kind of pleasantly annoying in a way. His friends always make spasmodic jokes about his deportment of ambuscading people with malefic words of sympathy alongside his sly smile to lure them into his subterfuge. Well enough for the pleasantries (actually, its not), time for the dirt (as if). Hehehehe...

           One day, this guy came into a full house room filled with good intentions; nevertheless, he always have this impromptu act and thoughts. One of his friends was having a snack and he walked-in and hovered. He started off with casual remarks; and after a moment or two,

Can I have a bite or two of those?” he asked innocently;

“Yeah sure, there you go!” the guy irksomely gave him the snack with a fake smile.

Later, he asked the guy whether he have those snacks MORE and this guy thought to himself “To Cheat or Not To Cheat” because this is not he first time he has done something like this. The guy spontaneously responded in a way to protect his stockpile;

Oh, sorry. I don't have anymore left. I just bought ONE only at the convenience shop.” He said apologetically though he's not, just try to preserved his tidbits from the 'predator'.

Oh! that's okay.” he replied freely without knowing the annoyance the caused.

          Well, if truth to be told, there is actually stocked of assorted snacks in his compartment that he refused to share with that guy considering his vexatious deportment. This story tells us about why we sometimes need to cheat people or our friends in order to protect our importance. Well, if this happen once in a while its okay; but if it happened frequently then its utterly bothersome and vexed.

So, cheat conveniently guys!!! not that we promote cheating...

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